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I have always had nothing but positive experiences regardless of the situation. I feel cared about and that my best interest is always under consideration. -Chris R.

I’m a “second generation” customer of GTBS. When I was a kid I’d play in the waiting room while Larry did my parents’ taxes. GTBS has been doing my taxes since I got my first job at 16, and even though I’ve moved out of state they still continue to help me file my taxes over the phone. Over the years I’ve gotten to know them, and they feel more like a family I talk to once a year…which is probably more than some of my actual family. – Katherine T.

I have nothing but high praise for David and his professionalism. He listened patiently and answers any questions as best he can – and shares his thoughts openly, advising me with what is probably the best course of action. His recommendation for future tax projections are well thought out and researched to give me what could be my tax obligations and suggest other alternatives to save them, if any. – Satish A.

Justin Carr was great! He was friendly and professional! Our taxes were done quickly and accurately!  – Ken C.

Aaron M. is a wonderful adviser and always goes above and beyond, making time to offer knowledge and insights on my ever changing situation. I highly recommend GTBS. – Jennifer L.

I have been with Grandfield Tax Services for 20 years, +/-; first with Larry, now with Scott. I think that is the best testimonial a client can give. 😉   – Patricia M.

This is my second year here, I was referred and I’ve referred several people already. Absolute professionalism while still making us feel comfortable and cared for.  – Thomas F.

Scott takes time to get to know you as a person and balances professionalism with humor and levelheadedness. He answers all questions fairly and without judgement and makes you feel valued, important and appreciated. – Bonnie G.

Grandfield goes beyond tax preparation. We also receive review and advisement with our retirement accounts before tax return time. The office is private, quiet and w/o interruptions. Our appts. are always on time. Most of all we have developed a very trusting relationship. Grandfield has a wonderful, efficient staff.   – Carolyn S.

Aaron is very professional and is well prepared for my visit. We worked on estimated taxes for 2017, which in itself is no fun. He always gets me through this depressing experience. It is always a relief once this is done. Next visit will be in spring to finalize my 2017 taxes. – Rose A.

My husband had some complicated partnership earnings that our previous tax account failed to address. Thanks to Aaron, he looked into the historical data and helped us achieve some tax savings. We are truly satisfied with the service.  – Jennifer C.

I was there for the first time to have my tax return done and was very impressed with the whole experience, everyone was very polite and helpful and on time for my appointment, I would definitely recommend Grandfield to others. – Steven G.

“Down to Earth” personnel attention and help thru out the year…not just at tax time. – Sam H.

Scott is always extremely thorough when preparing my returns and takes the time to ask questions that I may have not thought of. In addition, he was able to provided referrals to others that could help setting up a living and those that could address new business concerns that I had. I am now a life long customer of GTBS! – John S.

Justin was referred to us by our daughter for tax preparation. We found him to be very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, competent and professional. We were able to go through the entire tax filing and ask questions as we proceeded through the different forms. This was unavailable with our previous tax preparer re 2016. Justin was also able to answer specific questions about that 2016 tax filing and put us at ease. We especially appreciated Justin’s ability to clarify and explain questions in easy-to-understand terms. We look forward to meeting with Justin next year for our tax preparation. – Walt F.

The Path to Success – When drive and desire ride on the shoulders of opportunity of timing and execution. -Scott Grandfield