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IRS problems often lead to sleepless nights, family squabbles and embarrassing situations with employers.

The Tax Audit

The Hazards of Non Filing

The IRS does not go away and they will often use harsh tactics to collect the highest amount of taxes and penalties from you.

• Are you dealing with a tax levy, lien or wage garnishment?
• Are your struggling with tax debt?
• Do you have unfixed tax returns?
• Facing audit notices?
• Is there an abandoned LLC or corporation in your past?
• Do you doubt your current tax return preparer?

You have the right to have someone represent you against the IRS, someone who will be your champion against an unfair IRS and someone who will fight for the best resolution.

Here is your call to Action! We are offering you a free no obligation consultation where we will tell you what is needed to resolve your tax issue. All you need to do is contact us. We are not a call center, you will speak directly with one of our Enrolled Agents who will give you a honest assessment of your situation and will explain the process fully to you.

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