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Why should your Tax Advisor work with your Financial Advisor & Estate Planning Attorney?

Planning for your finances, estate and taxes is essential to growing and preserving your assets. Financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and tax professionals are the key members of a well-rounded wealth management team. In most cases, you find these services in three separate locations. however, our corporate alliance simplifies your planning needs by providing all three companies in one efficient office.

By having a tax advisor, financial planner, and estate lawyer in one office, we are able to:

  • Provide tax advice for each beneficiary before they inherit money
  • Set up inherited IRAs for beneficiaries with the most appropriate options for each
  • Title your beneficiaries correctly
  • Present ways to potentially reduce your taxes before preparing them
  • Inform you of tax implications of your financial transaction before it is executed
  • Accurately calculate the cost basis of your investments
  • Advise you on how much money potentially to convert from an IRA to a Roth IRA
  • Maximize tax efficiency of retirement plan distributions
  • Establish the right type of Trust for you with greater tax advantages
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