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As an Endorsed Local Provider…

We’re more concerned about getting you the right answer than just billing hours.
As a full service tax, accounting, audit, and small business firm, we work for you to get you the answers you need. That means we will give you all of your options to best move forward. Our goal is the same as yours: find the best option to resolve your challenges.

We care about your future.
We believe you should feel secure and confident in your big money decisions, and we genuinely care about your future. We take the time to explain your options so you can make the best choice for your future – your legacy.

We’re held to a higher standard of service.
While we do pay a fee to cover program costs, we’ve earned my position in the ELP program because of our experience in the industry and our drive to help others. We have to fit certain criteria to be an ELP, and there’s a huge team at Ramsey Solutions making sure you have a great experience working with us.

The Path to Success – When drive and desire ride on the shoulders of opportunity of timing and execution. -Scott Grandfield